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Category: Employment

Published: 14 June 2024

Senior Sonographer falsely labelled an anti-vaxxer wins Tribunal harassment claim against Tayside Health Board

A number of newspapers including the Times, Telegraph, Courier and Sun have reported on Livingstone Brown’s successful Employment Tribunal claim for a medical professional who was discriminated against.

Gail Lauder, a former Senior NHS Sonographer, was called an “anti-vaxxer” by managers because she was unable to wear a plastic facemask due to a history of severe allergic reactions.

Our solicitor Euphemia Matheson represented Ms Lauder in this case which took place over nine days in the Dundee ET. During the hearing Ms Lauder spoke of how she was treated by NHS Tayside as a result of taking a personal decision based on her medical history not to take the Covid vaccine.

Ms Lauder succeeded in showing that her managers had harassed her by falsely labelling her as an anti-vaxxer, and had also failed to pay her when she was off sick. As a result of the ET’s finding, there will be a remedy hearing in the future to determine Ms Lauder’s compensation.

You can read about the case in more detail in the links below:- 

NHS medic who refused to get Covid vaccine wins major compensation case after boss branded her an ‘anti-vaxxer’ | The Scottish Sun


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