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Sarah Munro


Please note that Sarah is now on extended family leave; enquiries should be redirected to her team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dr Sarah Munro is an Associate in Livingstone Brown’s bespoke Specialist Litigation team, based at the flagship Glasgow City Centre office.  After spending over a decade in academia, Sarah brought her proficient research and critical thinking skills to practice and is particularly adept at evaluating large quantities of complex information and providing considered opinions and pragmatic, impartial advice. 

Sarah’s works predominantly in the area of white-collar crime for high-net-worth individuals and companies, but she has a breadth of experience in all aspects of criminal and civil work, including actions raised under the Proceeds of Crime Act and the Money Laundering Regulations.  She has a particular focus on pre-litigation work, and has a proven track record of encouraging the police and the Crown to discontinue investigations and proceedings.  Given her background, Sarah’s special interest lies in public law, human rights, international law and matters of constitutional significance.  She has appeared and instructed counsel at the justice of the peace and sheriff court, High Court, Court of Session and Supreme Court, and has previously worked in the Special Court for Sierra Leone, where she contributed towards the judgment that found former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity: the first former head of state to be convicted by an international tribunal since the Nuremberg trials after World War II.

Sarah has been published in academic journals and has been interviewed on the radio.  Her article in the Scottish Legal News on changes to extradition law was used by the Law Society of Scotland’s Criminal Law Committee in formulating its views on policing post-Brexit.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Glasgow; a Masters in Public International Law from Leiden University; and in 2018 she successfully defended her doctoral thesis on European Union law and human rights at the University of Lincoln, where she lectured.

Sarah is a notary public and an apostille.  She is a member of the Young Fraud Lawyers Association.

Her professional achievements include:

  • Contributing towards the Crown’s unprecedented admission that the former administrator of Rangers Football Club, David Whitehouse, was maliciously prosecuted, and the negotiated multi-million-pound settlement.  This was the first malicious prosecution case raised in Scotland and the ‘Rangers litigation’ has led to settlements which, it is anticipated, will total over £100m.  The case led to a public apology in the Scottish Parliament, a debate about changing the role of the Lord Advocate, and a future public inquiry has been promised;
  • Assisting with the misfeasance in public office case raised by Mr Whitehouse’s employer Duff & Phelps against the Crown, and the ultimate settlement of the case, again for a substantial sum;
  • Being recognised as part of the Criminal Defence Firm of the Year at the 2021 Scottish Legal Awards;
  • Acting in the test-case concerning European Arrest Warrants issued by Poland, in light of the much-criticised reforms to the Polish judiciary.  Sarah was successful in preventing the extradition of a married father of nine; and
  • Drafting written submissions alongside counsel on behalf of the Scottish National party which was granted intervener status before the UK Supreme Court in the Lord Advocate’s reference on whether the Scottish Parliament has the competence to legislate for an independence referendum.



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